Are you a forest?

Are you a forest feeling besieged?

Or a rock bereft at being written off as ‘inanimate’?

A spider exhausted by the centuries of propaganda against you?

A meadow who feels like you are more than a backdrop for watercolor painters?

A wild horse worried about what will happen to the wild?

A fungi who wants to just focus on relationships?

A bacteria terrified of bleach?

A wolf who loves the film about Yellowstone Park but needs even more enthralling storytelling?

Or perhaps, you are a mountain who has never seen the point of convenience?

Nice to meet you.

We’re Gangs of Kosmos. 

Storytellers, connecting people back to this Planet.

Say hello here.  

How Do I Join?

Anyone in contact with Gangs of Kosmos becomes a member of Gangs of Kosmos. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is time linear? 


Hypothetically what fees would you charge a rock or a leaf or a being that has no access to money?


How much would you charge a human? 

A lot. 

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