Are you a forest?

Are you a forest feeling besieged?

Or a rock bereft at being written off as ‘inanimate’?

A spider exhausted by the centuries of propaganda against you?

A meadow who feels like you are more than a backdrop for watercolor painters?

A wild horse worried about what will happen to the wild?

A fungi who wants to just focus on relationships?

A bacteria terrified of bleach?

A wolf who loves the film about Yellowstone Park but needs even more enthralling storytelling?

Or perhaps, you are a mountain who has never seen the point of convenience?

Nice to meet you.

We’re Gangs of Kosmos. 

Storytellers, connecting people back to this Planet.

Say hello here.  

How Do I Join?

Anyone in contact with Gangs of Kosmos becomes a member of Gangs of Kosmos. 


Who's in Gangs of Kosmos?

Gang Member #8 Angus Wall, director, producer, founder of MakeMake Entertainment, winner of two academy awards and five Emmys.

Gang Member #19 David Terry, former Chief of Strategy Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York.

Gang Member #237 Sasha Markova, former ECD of Impossible Foods, former Global Creative Director of Mother London and founder of Mother LA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is time linear? 


Hypothetically what fees would you charge a rock or a leaf or a being that has no access to money?


How much would you charge a human? 

A lot. 

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